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Friday, June 10, 2011


You can hide the pain you feel and make others believe that you have moved on, but you can never deny the truth to yourself, that the person who has failed and hurt you is still the person you'll always choose to love.

Girl: tell me how much you love me. BOY: LOOK UP AT THE SKY. girl: stop changing the subject! BOY: JUST LOOK. Girl: What am I doing? Boy : Tell me how many stars are in the sky. GIRL: THATS IMPOSSIBLE. Boy: So is explaining, my love for you.

A Girl found a Tear in his Boyfriend's Eye. She Hugged him. The Boy continued to cry and the Girl asked Why ? Boy :- If for every tear I get a hug from you... then i would cry forever.

Girl : "Bet You Wont Tell The World You Love Me" Boy: ( whispers ) "iloveyou" ; Girl : Why You Whispering To Me? ; Boy : Because YOUR My World. ♥

A girl's laugh is much more cheerful than a boy. A boy's tear is much more meaningful than girl's tear.

Some relationships are like Tom & Jerry. They tease each other, knock down each other, irritate each other, but can't live without each other.

Boy: i wanna go to sleep. 
Girl: ok 
Boy: i love you 
Girl: i love you too bye
 *hangs up* ...Girl sends text to boy saying "i dont want you to go" Girl's phone rings 
Girl: hello? 
Boy: i decided you were more important than sleep. ♥

gf: what would you do if i broke up with you .
bf: i would go back to my ex. 
gf: ( crying ) im breakin up with you .
* many hours later* 
bf: will you go out with me ? 
gf: i thought you were going to your ex.
 bf: you are my ex. ♥

girl: i need to tell you something 
x boy: what :) ? 
girl : i liked you since ages :) 
boy : why didnt you tell me before !!! 
girl : i was too scared :( 
x boy : becuase you know what ! ? 
girl : what ... :O 
x boy : i could of told you i loved you. ♥

gf: baby i seriously dont know why your ex hates me so much
 bf: look at the keyboard on your computer 
gf: why???
 bf: because U and I are together, and my U come above my X.
 gf: *blushes* like if you get it. :)

Dear Girls, please understand... If he loves you he WILL make you a priority. If he keeps blowing you off... He's just not that into you.

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